Stand Up, Actor, Voice Over, Presenter
Great. Being half-Irish half-Egyptian, Zahra was able to talk about life as a Muslim woman in countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, plus be very funny. You just know she is going to be big soon.

Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club

A genuine airhead

Christian Rioux, 400 TV

She gets less attractive the more she speaks

Matt Dwyer, Comedian

Not as bad as I had feared

Cate Donnnegoold, BBC

Zahra Barri, a cool Rita Rudner...

Alan Nixon Channel 5 Head Of Comedy and Entertainment and Director of Absolutely Productions

Much of her material stemmed from her half-Egyptian and half-Irish background, as well as incorporating some well-received anti-establishment jokes, and her somewhat self-deprecatory style went down well.

Review of What The Frock Comedy Night Inter:Mission

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