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about zahra barri
about zahra barri
about zahra barri

I’m really regretting telling my website designer that I wanted an ‘About Me’ section of my website because now I don’t know what to put in this space. And this space is massive so I need to fill it, but I am also thinking my website designer will make the font of this really big too. I’ve taken the artistic decision not to talk about myself in the third person, so you can gather from that, that I’m not a complete knob. Then again, I am the sort of person who thinks I need a website entirely dedicated to just myself. I mean, there’s billions of people in this world just making do with a Facebook Page. Here’s me, I got a Facebook Page, A Twitter, an Instagram, A You Tube account AND now a website. Greedy and needy. However, you’ll be pleased to know that although I did consider creating my own Wikipedia page I didn’t actually go through with it.

I wouldn’t say I do Comedy, I would say Comedy does me. Comedy has the control, I just do whatever it tells me to do. And guess what? Comedy told me to create this website. So, I guess we should be thankful for it for that.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes on creating things:

‘The hospital maybe sterile but birth itself will always take place amidst chaos, pain and blood.’ Anon

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